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    Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya Infrastructure – A Walkthrough: The right ambience is needed in imparting quality education. Nalanda has created an environment for optimum academic and non-academic quests of the students. Some of the highlights are as follows:

    Nalanda has enhanced and embellished the beauty of the premises with some stunning and exquisite elements, such as Indian statues and idols enriching and encouraging the ambience to be more divine and soulful just as Indian Classical Dance. The Nataraja statue stands tall at the entrance setting the right mood for all those who enter Nalanda taking His place as the Lord of Dance in Indian Mythology. Apart from the concrete building, the campus focuses on planting trees, plants and flowers thus creating a green and natural environment to study.

    There are special facilities with the latest electronic equipments in the Recording Studio (Aksharadhwani attached to the Gandharva Sabha) for high quality editing and recording. ‘Svasti’ Fitness Centre provides optimum care in Health, Fitness and Nutrition supervised by highly competent and top grade Fitness Lifestyle Counsellors for all the students keeping in mind the great physical demand attached to pursuing the course. Students also utilize the canteen which daily serves hygienic,home madefood within the campus at all times.

    The ‘Kanaka Sabha’ is a well equipped auditorium with a performance stage embedded with ‘high grade’ light and sound facility. The Viewing Audio visual room and a well-equipped Computer laboratory and printing resources add to the technological support provided to the young minds. A well stocked, most sought after library(R.G. Saraiya Library) plays a key role in the learning process possessing the rarest of the rare collections of books (some which as of today are out of print) where the young dance enthusiastsfrom all over India access it sharpening their intellect.

    The classrooms (Rajata Sabha, Ratna Sabha, Taamra Sabha, Chitta Sabha, Chitra Sabha, and Chidaakasha Sabha) are well ventilated along with facilities like fans, lights, tables, chairs, whiteboard, etc. The process of teaching and learning unfolds in the traditional Guru ShishyaParampara style of peace and calm within the soothing ambience for the students to focus and absorb better.

    The Common Rooms (Changing Rooms) are separate for male and female students where they daily change into the traditional dance practice uniforms thus disconnecting from the generic world and entering into the dance universe.The Counselling Room tends to all the student related issues and redressal solutions are strongly in place for student benefit. The Institute boasts of useful facilities such as restrooms, campus playground, sinks, multipurpose rooms, lockers, storage spaces etc. There is special allotment of space for storingthe invaluable costumes and properties used for dance productions.

    Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya offers a beautiful infrastructure and a curriculum that meets high academic standards. The events and activities which are part of the curriculum are aimed at instilling discipline, ethics and good values in students that would help them to develop their personality to become better citizens and cultural ambassadors.

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