Sandip Soparrkar

I have been proudly associated with Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidhyala for many years now... to me Nalanda is not just a dance education institute, I call Nalanda A Temple a place of worship of art and culture. It is a holy place where its devotees..., its students, enlighten and illuminate their lives with the beauty of varied dance forms. The Rele family has given their life and soul to bring Nalanda to an international recognition, which has not been an easy task at all. Each student of this divine institute has graduated with proficiency and knowledge not only in dance and culture but about varied traditional values of life.

Dr.Vasanth Kiran

I am too small a person to talk about the greatness of incomparable contribution done by NALANDA. In the world when education had to be redefined especially in the area of Performing Arts, it was then Padmabhushan Dr Kanak Rele, a gigantic figure... in the world of Classical dance and south after academician who made this possible through divine place 'Nalanda' under Mumbai University. For the last number of years of my close association, it is undoubtedly that I can vouch for it's highest standards in teaching, research and scholarly imparting of Dance courses they offer. Apart from their incomparable Mohiniattam, their Bharatanatyam is indeed to fall in love with. Their hold on Shastras, impeccable syllabus, history, music, taalam, nattuvangam, yoga, body conditioning through 'Svasti' an in-house gym mentored by super man Mr Mehul Lal, multiple languages, kinesthetics, standards in their product work, dissertation, theses, field study, folk dance and music forms and importantly the performing opportunities and exposure to the legends through performances and lectures is a lifetime opportunity. It reached its pinnacle under the guidance of Dr Kanak Rele and currently with is under the leadership of its dynamic principal, wonderful artist, great soul Dr. Uma Rele who is steering the institution in a perfect way. An obvious prodigy and lovely dancer herself Ms VaidehiRele is indeed an asset to this magnanimous institution. Proud to be associated and I blindly recommend Nalanda for any dancer and connoisseur to experience.

Naatyaachaarya V. P. Dhananjayan, Founder of Bharatakalanjali, Chennai

Almost 50 years of close association with this great institution NALANDA in Mumbai founded by none other than the great visionary Dr. (Smt) KANAK RELE, has become one of the landmark college affiliated to University of Mumbai. It has a pride of... place in Bhaarat as a monumental Art & cultural institution and thousands have come out of this great portal of learning spreading the hues of Bharatavidya globally. Every step Nalanda takes is a milestone and our best wishes and congratulate for their monumental achievements in preserving, popularising and promoting BhaarateeyaSamskar through art & artistic endeavors.

Dr.Shailesh Srivastva, Director & Producer ,Doordarshan Mumbai

Nalanda is doing Excellent contribution in the field of Classical Dance. It has given so many Excellent Gurus and Dance Exponents to the Indian Classical Dance field. They are doing well on National and International level, Underguidance of Living Legend... Guru Padma Bhushan Kanak Releji, and Uma Releji. This is one of the most authentic Dance Institutions in Mumbai, Maharastra.

Padma Bhushan Smt. Saroja Vaidyanathan ,Bharatanatyam Exponent

Congrats Uma Rele and Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya blessings.

Jhelum Paranjape (Odissi Exponent and Director of Smitalay)

My association with Nalanda runs into several years. Initially as an eager and enthusiastic spectator to most of the seminars and conferences conducted by Dr.KanakRele and team. Then as a critic/commentator for the Marathi newspaper Maharashtra Times..., where I wrote about their new production Santavani, at the request of Kanakben. It is thru Nalanda that I got introduced to stalwarts like Mani MadhavChakiyar, Mahalingam Pillai and VempatiChinna Satyam, at absolute close quarters. I will never forget the chilly winds and extreme cold that I experienced while watching Mani Madhav describe the Himalayas.....mind you, he was just sitting on a stool and only his eyes did all the talking. And the sixteen-year-old girl in love depicted by Mahalingam Pillai ... his frog eyes and big body in a lungi just vanished, I could only feel the young girl. Ohh, and the shock I got when I saw the graceful beautiful Satyabhama depicted on stage by VempatiChinna Satyam, transform into the real handsome man that he was, after the show. These helped me grow as a dancer, teacher. While training under Padmavibhushan Guru KelucharanMohapatra, I had a chance of being at Nalanda for three consecutive days with guruji and Kanakben, when his ashtapadis were filmed by team Nalanda. It was a very enriching experience, observing and imbibing the filming process, listening to guruji and Kanakben talking about how they felt about each ashtapadi and getting my mugful of energy from them. Then the time when SangeetNatakAkademi wanted an interview of Kanakben's to be done, and she chose me to do it. I visited her several times, got to know the full story of how she had to struggle to get Nalanda up to where it is now, how she as a child fell in love with Kathakali...etc. And during these days I fell in love with her as a person. Tough, very hard on the exterior, but soft on the inside. I was in awe of her, but these visits made me understand her, and I could always make my point of view to her without getting intimidated. And my latest association with Nalanda is Dr.KanakRele herself asking me to dance to her choreography. She had never stepped out of her zone prior to doing something for Kathak, and now she felt that she needs to do for Odissi. I am lucky that she selected me for her first venture into choreography for Odissi. She chose her favorite topic, SatyavanSavitri. As a young dancer, she had done this, and now she wanted someone to do it in Odissi. That was ME. It was several months of regular visits to Nalanda, me alone, sometimes with my musicians...that brought out the wonderful solo production, YAMA KATHA MAMA KATHA. Kanakben was kind enough to let me use the name that she had used for her production. The ambiance at Nalanda for this kind of work was superb. The girls in half sarees bustling around, the sound of footwork, the recording studio, and the library....the little canteen....everything added to the experience. And then Nalanda bestowed me with an award. And now the association further continues, as Nalanda has started the certificate and diploma courses for Odissi.

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