Alumni Feedback

1) The teachers clearly explained the educational objectives of the course

2) The teachers were well organised and prepared for class.

3) The teachers were conscientious in meeting class and office hour responsibilities

4) The teachers promoted a classroom atmosphere in which I felt free to ask questions

5) The teachers provided useful feedback aboutexams, projects, and assignments.

6) So far,the teachers have applied grading policies fairly

7) The teachers taught the course well.

8) The course content was consistent with the educational objectives of this course and helping you in your present job

9) The course increased my ability to analyse and critically evaluate ideas, arguments and points of view.

10) To what extent institute helped in resolving your problem encountered during the program.

11) Programs conducted by the institution

12) Placement Opportunity provided by the institution.

13) Infrastructural facilities ( Canteen, Library, Hostel, Campus etc )

14) Are you satisfied with functioning of Alumni Association of the institution ?.

15) Experience with administrative staff

16) Overall Experience..


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