It is my proud privilege to be associated with my alma voter ever since 1974 till date. My relationship with my dear Guru Kanakben is an unconditional bond not only of this birth but many more births, if we believe in rebirth. I have groomed as a fine artiste only because of her. For me she is my ideal and shall remain till my last breath.

I remember the day when first I stepped into her office at Nalanda, I was astounded by her magnetic personality, I have yet to meet a person who has the best combination of Beauty and Intelligence. The entire credit of my upbringing in the world of Dance goes to her only. What I am today is just the reflection and I am proud that in the world of Classical Dance only breathe her in and out over these years the flow of knowledge has never ceased and I can never quench my thirst of understanding the nuances from the ocean that she is, In true sense “Nāalamdā” means the same “never can you quench the thirst of knowledge”.
♦ Masters in Performing Arts: - With Distinction 1982
♦ Teaching Faculty: 1982 to 1989 in Nalanda
♦ Member of Governing Council and Board of Trustees of Nalanda Dance Research Centre.
♦ Member of Ad-hoc Board of Studies of Dance – University of Mumbai.
♦ Have been teaching Ms.NitaAmbani since more than 20 years.
♦ Have been composing and choreographing specially for Smt.HemaMalini since more than 30 years
♦ Have been Guru of Gracy Singh since 15 years.
♦ I have been a humble recipient of the Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar and SangeetNatak Akademi Awardee 2019.

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Sharada Ganesan, daughter of Guru Shri Kalasadan Mani graduated in Bharatanatyam - B F A, from Nalanda Mahavidyalaya in the year 1981-82.

At present, as a senior teacher in Kalasadan Institute of Fine Arts, founded by her father in 1954, she is engaged in training numerous students in Bharatanatyam and in choreographing group & dance drama presentations.

In the early part of her career, she has given solo performances and played leading roles in dance dramas like Thulasi Mahatmyam, Shiva Shakti Natanam etc., that were staged by Kalasadan. Now, for almost forty years, she has been teaching dance at several centers in Mumbai and at times, she has also trained cine artistes & celebrities for their dance-oriented roles.

She has been honored by organizations like Inner Wheel Club & Maharashtra Seva Sangh, Mulund, for her contribution in promoting Indian culture. She has been a member in the panel of examiners for degree level in Mumbai University.

In pursuance of her father‘s desire that she learns different classical forms of dance, besides being trained in Bharatanatyam at Nalanda College under the stewardship of Dr. Kanak Rele, she learnt Kuchipudi from Guru C R Acharyalu, Odissi from Guru Shankar Behra and Kathak from Guru Shrivatsava.

Dr Kanak Rele, who has always been an inspiration to her, had this to say about Sharada – “ Her style is chaste and marked with rare dignity with no razzle dazzle of speed or showmanship. The concept of ‘ Sharanagati Bhakti’ which is the guiding spirit

of this temple art is developed to a high degree in her renditions. One can look forward to her, also as an accomplished lady nattuvanar, to take a rightful place in the firmament of nattuvanars . Her dedication is equally matched by her deep sense of respect and loyalty to her Gurus and Institution”.

Her husband Ganesan who works for Dabur India Ltd. is a moorsing artiste and her daughter Nandini is also a Bharatanatyam dancer who is a Doordarshan graded artiste and an empaneled artiste with the ICCR.

Year of passing: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)1981-82
Current Occupation: Senior teacher & choreographer Kalasadan Institute of Fine Arts, Sion, Mumbai
Awards: Women Achiever’s award by Innerwheel Club (2012), Maharashtra Seva Sangh (2014),
Performances: Productions of Kalasadan, Nalanda (1981), BARC, ISCKON, Shanmukhananda Sabha, Natyanjali Festival,
Lectures-Demonstrations: St.Mary’s School, St. Paul’s School and many convent schools around Mumbai, Indian Merchant’s Chamber (Churchgate)
Choreography: Dashavataram, Ramayanam, Shiva-Shakti Natanam, Rasaleela to name a few.


He is the Founder Director of Sankhya Dance Company, its artistic director, is a professional dance company which has showcased its works on national and international platforms. The dance company is energized and inspired by young dancers and choreographers. Its vision is to have a dedicated dance space in Mumbai that promotes classical dance as well as serious experimental dance works. The repertoire of Sankhya, in theme and in performance, has an impressive collection of dance works. It ranges from the traditional to classical-contemporary, solo to ensemble work.

Guiding Light
♦ Smt. Saroja Srinath is responsible for Vaibhav’s initiation into the world of dance and the basic grounding in Bharata Natyam
♦ Systematic academic exposure to dance was provided at Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, the premier dance institution affiliated to the University of Mumbai, where Vaibhav attained his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Bharata Natyam.
♦ Smt. Thangamani Nagarajan imparted rigorous training in nritta.
♦ Vaibhav has the proud privilege of receiving advanced tutelage in Abhinaya and Choreography under the guidance of the renowned danseuse and his mentor, Padmashree Dr. Smt. Kanak Rele.

Cultural Recognition
♦ Shri Nageshwar Rao Scholarship for standing first in faculty of fine arts for
♦ Recipient of the Government of India scholarship for Young dancers 1990-92.
♦ Gold medalist at the Inter-University Cultural Competition at Roorkee.
♦ Awarded the title of “Singar Mani” by Sur Singar Samsad of Mumbai.
♦ Graded artist of Mumbai Doordarshan and empanelled with ICCR.
♦ Awarded a fellowship by University’s Grant Commission for dance research.
♦ Received the P. Obul Reddy Endowment Award from ‘Natyarangam-Dance wing of Narada Gana Sabha’ as a senior dancer.

Dance Academics
Was a full time lecturer of Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya for 15 years.
♦ Has formulated the dance syllabus for the Diploma and Degree course in classical dance for the SNDT Women’s University.
♦ Has conducted classical dance workshops of prestigious academies
♦ Regularly invited to give lecture-demonstration by various organisations.
♦ Academic Excellence
♦ At Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Gold Medalist in the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Mumbai.
♦ At Master of Fine Arts degree once again 1st position was secured by Vaibhav.
♦ Has done extensive study of theatre under Shri Chetan Datar.

Dance Administrator
♦ Has founded his own Dance Company – Sankhya Dance Company.
♦ Was the Co-director of Lasya, a leading dance institution of Mumbai with a professional performing wing and an academic centre affiliated to SNDT Women’s University.
♦ Has functioned, for one year, as an In-charge Principal of Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya.
♦ Had conceptualized and been the Festival Director for the Annual Dance Festival- SINDHU, which focuses on serious works of art that come from different genre’s of classical dance.

Dance performances
Has give recitals as soloist at various prestigious Dance Festivals and organizations of national repute. Some of them are:-
♦ Khajuraho Festival.
♦ Modhera Festival.
♦ Music Academy Festival, Chennai.
♦ Krishnagana Sabha’s Yagnaraman Fest, Chennai.
♦ Narada Gana Sabha’s Natyarangam Festival, Chennai.
♦ Sangeet Natak Akademi - Nritya Sangam.
♦ Sangeet Natak Theatre Mahotsava (dance-theatre).
♦ Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Festival, Bhubaneshwar.
♦ Modhera Festival.
♦ Prithvi Festival.
♦ Bharat Rangotasav, NSD.
♦ National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai.
♦ Mhalsa Festival, Goa.
♦ Ram Marathe Sangeet Mahotsav.
♦ Gopi Krishna Mahotsav.
♦ Sangam Festival, Bubhaneshwar.
♦ Mumbai Festival.
♦ Nehru Centre Festival.
♦ Purush Festival.
♦ Natyanjali Festival, Cidambaram.
♦ Natarajotsava, Mysore.

Vaibhav has performed with the Nalanda troupe all across India as a leading soloist. He has also has essayed lead roles in Dance-drama’s choreographed by Dr. Kanak Rele viz. Dashavatar, Santavani, Shilapadikaram, Swapna Vasavadatta(Play), Kalyani, Kanchan Mriga & others.

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Sunanda Nair is a leading exponent of Mohiniyattam or Mohini Attam and one of the few performers of this style of dance form. She was born in Mumbai. Sunanda is the disciple of noted Mohini Attam exponent Padmabhushan Dr.(Smt) Kanak Rele, credited for the revival and popularisation of this classical dance style of Kerala.

Sunanda had her initial training in Bharatanatyam at the age of six and since then has given many performances in this style of dancing. She is both a professional dancer and a teacher. She is also the Founder Director of Srutilaya Institute of Fine Arts which has been training students in both Mohini Attam and Bharatanatyam. Sunanda established a dance school in Mumbai. The phenomenal strides achieved in these past 26 years is testimony to the selfless efforts in teaching the art in its purest form and dedication of the teacher in inculcating the best in the disciple, with sincerity and integrity. SPARC is now in its 5th year of operation in the USA. At SPARC, the rich tradition of Indian Classical Dance is safely preserved, which will be evident to the performer and the viewer, who experience the liberation and growth of righteousness as man, by manifesting the glory of God. Indian dance culture has been influenced by temple traditions and thematically depends on the rich mythological tales of the Hindus. Today, Indian dance forms have captured the global attention in all the cultural vistas of the world.

♦ Festival of India in the former USSR.
♦ Spring Friendship Art Festival in North Korea.
♦ Performances in Middle East, Singapore and U.S.A.
♦ Khajuraho festival in Madhya Pradesh.
♦ Konark festival in Orissa.
♦ Yuva Mahotsav in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur.
♦ Nishagandhi, Kerala Tourism, Trivandrum.
♦ Kalidas Samaraoh, Ujjain.
♦ Modera Festival, Gujarat.
♦ Mysore Dassera Festival.
♦ Nrityotsava, Central Sangeet Natak Akademi, Bangalore.
♦ Indo-Indonesian Friendship Society.
♦ Vallathol Jayanti,Kerala Kalamandalam.
♦ SAARC Conference, Mumbai.
♦ Sangeeta Sabha, Poona.
♦ Swati Tirunal Sangeet Sabha,Trivandrum.
♦ Chakradhar Samaraoh, Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademi.
♦ India International Centre, Apna Utsav, New Delhi.
♦ Krishna Gana Sabha, Bharat Kalachar, Bharatiya Music and Arts, Madras.
♦ The National Centre For Performing Arts, Mumbai.
♦ Haridas Sangeet Sammelan, Mumbai.
♦ Kal-Ke-Kalakar, Mumbai.
♦ Nitya Nityati And Tanmai Arohanam Festival, Bangalore.
♦ India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
♦ Shree Chitra Dance Festival, Trivandrum.
♦ Natyanjali Trust, Music Academy, Chennai.
♦ National Festival of Mohini Attam, Nehru Center, Mumbai.
♦ Soorya Parampara dance festival, Trivandrum, Kerala.
♦ India Habitat Center, New Delhi.
♦ Dharini, Cochin, Kerala.
♦ Monsoon Festival Art India, New Delhi.
♦ Raindrops Festival NCPA, Samved Mumbai.
♦ Bharatam, Trichur, Kerala.
♦ Sopanam, Bombay.
♦ Kalakshetram, Bombay.
♦ Asia Pacific Heritage Festival.
♦ Kerala Sangeet Natak Academy -July 2015, Bhopal.

Awards & recognitions
♦ 'Kalaasree'2011 from the Kerala Sangeetha Natak Akademi.
♦ 'Global Excellence Award' 2011,from GIA, New Delhi.
♦ "Kalaasagar" 2010 in memory of Late Kalamandalam Krishnankutty Poduval.
♦ "Abhinaya shiromani" from Surya Performing Arts, Missouri, USA.
♦ Scholarship from Central Sangeet Natak Akademi for advanced training in abhinaya and choreography under her Guru Smt. Kanak Rele.
♦ 'Singar Mani' from the prestigious Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai.
♦ Nelluvai Nambeeshan Smarak Award for Mohiniattam.
♦ 'Natya Mayuri' Natyanjali Trust, Chennai.
♦ Best Ethnic Classical Arts Award, New Orleans, 2003.
♦ Louisiana State Artist Roster.
♦ Louisiana Touring Directory.
♦ Global Excellence Dance Award, New Orleans.
♦ Presidents Award for Community Service, Indian Assoc of New Orleans.

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♦ Dr. Dimple Nair is a Mohiniattam exponent who holds a Doctorate degree in Fine Arts from Mumbai University under the guidance of her guru Padmabhushan Dr. Kanak Rele.
♦ A scholar in Bharatanatyam from CCRT for 10 years and a recipient of National scholarship in Mohiniattam for 3 years.
♦ A recipient of various awards to name a few ‘Mahakavi Vallathol Award’ , International Nritya Shiromani Award, Nrithyabharathi 2015 Travelling Dance Festival’ held in California, USA, ‘Naatya Saradi Award’, ‘Gopi Krishna National Award’ 2017 and ‘Tarang Ratna Award’ 2018 to name a few.
♦ She represented India in Olympics 2000 in Australia.
♦ Indian Dance Consultant for the 15th Doha Asian Games 2006.
♦ Active Participant of Nalanda Productions such as Kanchan Mrg, Santavani, Chaturdhaara, Devi and more.

Her commendable performances include:

♦ Khajurao Festival.
♦ Konark Festival.
♦ Uttaradhikar festival.
♦ Young Dancers Festival- Trichur Kerala.
♦ Yuva Nritya Mahotsav, Discovery of India (Kal Ki Khoj).
♦ Geet Govind Festival, Mumbai.
♦ Nrityotsav, Mumbai.
♦ Dubai International Dance Festival, UAE.
♦ India at Mindil, Darwin, Australia.
♦ Represented India for the Olympics 2000 in Australia.
♦ International Folklore Dance Festival, Georgia.

Her creditable choreographies in Qatar include:

♦ Creation of the Earth” for Reach out to Asia.
♦ Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF).
♦ (UNEP) World Environment Day Celebrations.
♦ Doha Cultural Festival.
♦ Youth Theatre Festival-Kuwait.
♦ Train Six Inauguration for RasGas.
♦ Qatar Summer Wonders.
♦ Opening Ceremonies for the Chairman's Cup Football Tournament.
♦ Qatar Flower Each Spring Festival.
♦ Emir Cup 2019 Doha, Al Wakrah Stadium.
♦ Bangkok International Dance Festival 2019.
♦ International Folklore Dance Festival, Georgia 2019.

With her numerous international performances, creditable choreographies, and excellent educational and training experiences, Dimple is the Founder and the Artistic Director of IAID, the leading Performing Arts Academy in Qatar since 2001 unceasingly inspiring a lot of young students through her guidance and expertise.

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Year of passing MPA : 2014 Passed with Distinction

Current occupation :
♦ Completed MA in Professional Practice -Dance Technique Pedagogy from Middlesex University London. 2018.

Awards acquired :
♦ 'Nritya Nipuna' received from Nalanda Nritytotsav 2014.

List of performances in last two years :
♦ Participated in "Nalanda Nrityotsav" 2014 and "Sanatwani" in 2013.
♦ Associated with Nalanda since 2011. Completed Diploma in Natyashastra and Paranagata courses in 2012.

Being the Artistic Director of "Kalavahini Dance Academy" based in the UK and an approved tutor for ISTD ( Imperial Society for Teachers of Dance) London, I guide students to accomplish ISTD qualified examinations across North Wales, England. I conducted Bharatanatyam workshops at Chester, as well as associated with "Sanjhi Indian associations" Chester, UK. I am an empanelled artist of ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) Performed at various prestigious venues such as "Shaniwarawada festival",Pune, Kala Academy Goa, "Natyajanli" Dubai, "Sai Nrityotsav" -Bangalore.
I am proud to be a part of the Nalanda family.


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